Monday, 6 May 2013

QZFL 2013 news

Howdy. Two exciting news items for yr perusal:

Firstly, following the success of our inaugural event in 2012, QZFL will now be an annual shindig. Yay! Details on where/when QZFL2013 will take place to follow, so link/friend/follow/bookmark us and hold tight for more news.

Also, I want QZFL2013 to be even better than last year, so I'm after savvy workshoppers, articulate guest speakers and a cabal of helpers who can lend a hand, be that shifting tables and chairs into place or handing out flyers at yr local student union/band rehearsal space/queer hangout. If you want in, get in touch.

Secondly, I've decided to set up a blog-within-blog for queer zine reviewing purposes! Because while I enjoy turning December into a big, queer Christmas, there are 11 other months of the year that could benefit from a little QZFLness. Want yr wares reviewed? Holler at me here. The guidelines for submitting are hella simple:
  • I'm after queer zines. That means zines made by/for/about queerz. 
  • While I heart queer-centric content, I'm also happy to review zines made by queer-identified folk who may not be writing explicitly queer content. 
  • I'm enthusiastic about: punk, punkademia, class politics, weirdo smut, sex-positive feminism, lived experiences, radical queer politics, confrontational fuck-shit-up lit, intersectionality, PoC/WoC, trans issues, sci-fi, pop culture and good ole fanzines. 
  • Don't bother submitting yr zines if they contain anything that borders on any of the following: racist, classist, transphobic, sexist. Seriously. Just don't. I'm also not hella keen on mega expensive zines. I'm a lo-fi gal! And I pride myself on extolling lo-fi virtues at QZFL. Willing to make exceptions though (see sturdy, clever publications such as FAQNP for a smart examples)

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